МАКЕДОН И УМ – An Open Letter to US ambassador Angela P. Aggeler

Madam Ambassador

As a Macedonian – American I find it necessary to react to your latest anouncment on Twitter which informs the public in Macedonia of the arrival of a US team of “ experts “that would investigate and deal with the rampant corruption at all levels of government !

I find it superemly ironic that you are making this announcement on the same Twitter , now in possesion of Elon Musk , who has just revealed the news of the colossal corruption in the US government at all levels:

The White House , State Department , CIA , FBI and so many more institution !

So , Madam Ambassador !

With what moral authority will they investigate the corruption in Macedonia when they all carrie around their necks the great burden of the proverbial Albatros ?!

With what moral and political authority will they deal with corrupt actors whose corruption has been helped and abetted by the US government for decadeas now?!

With what authority will you punish those in a country which you have created as a colony and kept alive by cooperating in so many corrupt activities in decades rhat they have done ?!

Let’s clean , first and foremost , the Augean Stables at home before we do it elsewhere !

Nestor Oginar

( December 6th , New York )

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